Kids 4 Christ

Our mission. . . is to provide biblical teaching and instructions in a loving and caring environment where children can be drawn to Jesus Christ. We want to come alongside the parents to help teach their children to seek after God, how to serve Him faithfully in every area of their lives, and to share Him boldly with others.

Our vision. . . is to reach out those God puts in our path to personally know and experience Christ’s love, truth, and their spiritual potential with Christ at the center of their lives.

We value. . . the uniqueness of each of our children and their individual collective abilities. We strive to maintain a safe, secure, and loving environment, where our children are encouraged to participate and serve God willingly with their whole heart.

We believe. . . in a team approach to the Children’s Ministry. We encourage the support and involvement of parents as we strive to reach our children, who are our present and future generation. Our desire is that parents who have children active in the Children’s Ministry would be willing to come alongside us and roll up their sleeves to make this the best experience of their child’s life.